United Discriminate to Meet with Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director of Manchester United

updateRichard ArnoldUnited Discriminate have received an email from Richard Arnold at Manchester United.

Richard is Manchester United’s Group Managing Director and has advised me that he would like to meet with me along with David French, Director of Venue, and Lorraine Hatton-Dow, Customer Care Manager, to discuss the issue of Accessible Family Seating at Old Trafford.

In his capacity as Group Managing Director, Mr. Arnold oversees all commercial and operational aspects of the Club, Mr Arnold sits on the board of Manchester United Television (MUTV) and Manchester United Merchandising Limited. During his time at the club, he has been instrumental in growing the global appeal of the Manchester United brand, opened commercial offices in Mayfair (London), New York and Hong Kong.  Mr Arnold has overseen the signing of a number of lucrative sponsorship contracts, including a world record 7-year $600 million (USD) kit sponsor deal with General Motors/Chevrolet in 2014, and the $1.3 billion sports equipment deal with Adidas over 10 years in 2015 which is the most valuable in sporting history.

You can see that Mr Arnold has some very serious power at the club, and I feel that this could be a massive step towards achieving the aim of getting Accessible Family Seating at Old Trafford.

He stated in his email to me that he would answer any other questions I might have, which provides the perfect opportunity to raise the many other issues that we have highlighted in the last 8 months.

  • Away Disabled Fans sitting with the Home Fans,
  • The lack of Disabled Toilet Facilities throughout the ground,
  • The lack of Wheelchair Accessible Seating,
  • The yellow card system,
  • Disabled Fans not being able to buy Tickets

I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for you all to have your say.  Ask your questions, and get answers from the top tier of the club.

United Discriminate want you to send in your Questions, Concerns and experience’s to us, so we can give them directly to Richard himself.  You can remain Confidential If you want, or if you like I can give your details and ask him to respond to you directly.

It is not every day that we get the opportunity to put our views across to such a powerful person at Old Trafford, and I think this is an opportunity to jump on.

You can send you Experiences, and Questions to my email address which is emery.martin1@gmail.com with the Subject Heading Questions for Richard.  Please include if you want your details to remain confidential or if you want Richard to Respond Direct to yourself.

CaptureThe campaign it seems for now has rattled enough cages to finally get someone at the club who has the power to make changes, to sit down and talk to us.  I very much doubt we would get this type of opportunity again.

We will also be using the meeting to give Richard a copy of the petition that we have been running. Please take the time to click the link, and put your details down to show your support.  We already have more signatures than Disabled seats at Old Trafford, but were aiming for more.

The support of you people who have read these blogs, Re-tweeted the Tweets shared on Facebook, and sent messages of support has been amazing and kept me going on this journey.  I thank you all for every share, retweet, and message I have received.  Without all the support there is no chance that someone like Mr Arnold would meet someone like me I’m sure.  I’m just a family man, who promised his kids they could watch the footy together, and had no idea, that was going to be such a struggle.

Let’s just hope now, that soon United Discriminate can report on the Positives that are being done at Manchester United to make the Match Day experience of Disabled Fans equal to that of every other fan.

Get you Questions in to us.  And together we will make the club support its fans.  Thank you.



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