Stockport County Make Family Dreams Come True.

AllofusSince starting taking the two younger children to Old Trafford, One Question has been contstant from our 6 year old, and that is

“When can Jordan watch the Football with us Dad”

Well im pleased to say that day finally came this weekend.  Although it wasnt at Old Trafford.

When the Manchester United Disabled Supporters Liason Officer and the Secretary of MUDSA wrote to us and said we should try watching football at “Stockport, Rochdale or Oldham”.  My immediate reaction, was one of disbelief.  How could a club suggest that a Fan of 33 years, takes his children to another club.

But Stockport County seeing our twitter campaign were quick to react, and Jon Keighren, Director at Stockport County FC, quickly tweeted me and asked us to pick a match for us to watch together as a family.  So this weekend, being Jordans 18th Birthday, and Stockports last Home Match of the Season seemed fitting.

A Can Do Club

Our campaign is supported by fans of Many Clubs, and Stockport Fans are there a plenty.  And After visiting the club on Saturday, i can see why.  On arrival we were met by security staff at the Car Park enterance who directed us to a Paking spot that had been taped off for us.  It even had a sign, with our names on it, which was a really nice touch.

Getting out of theCounty Signed car, we went to the club shop to collect our Tickets, and were Met by Vicky and an young Lady who was also working in the shop.  They were both happy to see us, and Vicky Quickly brought out a Presentation bag for Jordan, with a Birthday Card in it signed by all the players. They got him a picture frame, scalf and badges too.  They then gave the boys a bag each too, with T Shirts and Scalfs in them, badges and Key Rings.

The kids were already excited, and now they were electric.  A county member of staff lead us up to our seating area, and was great with the two younger kids on the way too.  Even the wife, who hates football, was smiling.  We sat in our seats and got ready for the match.  Together as a Family.

Familys Welcome

Sat down, looking around, what was very clear at Stockport was Family Matters.  Kids are the Future. They are the life of a football club, and without getting them involved a club will die.  Looking around the ground you can see this is something the club care about.  They have lots of initiatives running for kids.  They also have been running a free ticket for School Children Scheme.  There are Mums and Dads with kids all over the place.

Jord at CountyIts a funny thing football, and although it wasnt Manchester United, we all got really stuck into supporting the club.  County went down a goal early on.  But then there was a Cracking Equaliser, and we all cheered the Goal. (Even the wife).  County went on to win the match 2-1.

At the end of the match all the kids ran down to the front and the players walked around the pitch shaking peoples hands doing Hi 5’s with the kids, and lapping up the aplause from the crowd for a hard years work.  And there in that moment it hit me.  They have this right.  The club have a “can do” attitude.  This is something Manchester United say they have, yet we were at County as United said that as a family we “cant” sit together.  Yet at County they found a way.

Jon came up to meet us at half time, and ill be honest,  he is a top fella, a real nice bloke, and i owe him and county alot, because they allowed my kids to enjoy a game together.  Jordans first ever match, and seeing the boys together at the football was fantastic for me.  To us its about making memories.  And the boys got a great Saturday afternoon at the football firmly in there Memory banks thanks to Stockport County.

Thank you Stockport County for a amazing day.  Thanks for showing that Football is about Family.  Not Money! Thank you for letting all my kids sit together and watch the football.  It sounds like such a simple request, watch the football together as a family, and you showed that it needent be difficult to do!  We will be back next season.

As for Manchester United,  MUDSA and Phil Downs the Manchester United Disabled Liason Officer.  I suggest you take your own advice.  Go and watch Stockport County.  Im sure they will help you put things right at Old Trafford.




19 thoughts on “Stockport County Make Family Dreams Come True.

  1. Brilliant. They and there close family, who I’m proud to say are my friends are so hard working and they deserve nothing less then to be welcomed. Any club would be lucky to have them.
    Well done Stockport County. I bet it more then made up for the discriminatory behaviour of MUFC

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  2. I’ve been a Stockport county fan since 1978 but two clubs for me who are very friendly county & Oldham they are the ones that care about family’s proud to be a county fan
    Well done county PASSION NOT FASHION

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  3. Excellent story, so pleased it was an enjoyable day for you all . . . your problem now is, you are the ‘lucky charm’, so, sorry mum, but you will have to do it all again next season to help us escape this league!!

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    • Supprisingly enough it was mum who first said , we need to go again. We will of course have to go again. After all what mum wants she gets lol. Thanks again county.


  4. Fantastic story, great to see county doing something which makes them stand out from the rest!

    With you as our good luck charms promotion is certain for next season! 😉

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  5. Lovely story, brilliant!

    Stockport county also provided there venue for free for a local Charity night. When we were planning the charity evening we contacted lot’s of places explaining what we were doing, all other places were charging quite a lot, County got right behind us & gave us the venue for free & they couldn’t do enough to help. And a signed football.. It was a fantastic night, lot’s of money raised for cancer charities, brilliant. X Big thanks to County from Offerton Morris Dancers 80’s Revisited. X

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  6. I used to work at old Trafford until feb of this year and know exactly how the club treat fans and staff alike, I’ve since moved jobs and have been left pretty disgusted by some of the attitudes and treatment a lot of people got there. Glad you’ve found somewhere that you can enjoy guys.

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  7. My brother in law has been confined to a wheel chair for the past 30 years and he has had nothing but support from Old Trafford when he has wanted to watch games. The easy access section at Old Trafford is excellent but like the rest of the ground, it is over subscribed. They could fill it many times over every week and I suspect that the advice to try at other grounds was more to do with lack of capacity than lack of compassion. This story really is not a fair reflection of the work that United and many other Premiership clubs do for their supporters. Stockport’s average crowd for 2013-14 was 2,539 with a high of 3,165. The Cheadle Stand alone can hold 5,000.

    Very unfair article. Great that Stockport County were able to get Jordan to the game but dreadful that this article has been used to snipe at other clubs.


  8. I appreciate your comments. But i really think that you should read some of the other blogs we have done. I would ask your Brother In Law why he isnt able to Buy a Season Ticket for Example, or if he misses a match that he is allocated to, does he think its fair he is banned, or why he is not able to Watch football with More than one other person. If he had two children for example, he could only take one to a match. O/T has a capacity of over 75,000 seats, yet only 120 accessable wheelchair seats. thats 0.16%. This blog, as a whole is being used to try and get more equality, and a better treatment for disbaled fans like Jordan and your Brother In Law. You are right United have done some fantastic work. But that was 10 years back now, and times have changed, and further changes need to be made. As do other clubs in the premier league. My hope is that one day, it wont matter if you use a wheelchair or not, you will be able to enjoy a match with family members at O/T, buy a season ticket if you wish, and not worry that if you miss a match you get banned. Its not a Snipe. Its a Shot across the bow, a wake up call. And one that United and MUDSA could take, and do so much more with.


    • I read this blog which was shared on Facebook by a Stockport County fan and I stated that this article was not a fair reflection of the way that Manchester United and other premiership clubs act. Are you suggesting the clubs should have limitless capacity for wheelchair access and that they should have limitless configurations so that the wheelchair user can have any number of people accompanying them?


  9. No not at all. What i am suggesting is that Manchester United and other clubs Meet with the minimum Stadia requirements of 1% accessible wheelchair spaces. This is a legal requirement that only 1 club in the premier league meet. its not enforced because the clubs have so much money and power. I am also suggesting that they provide a seating area that is able to adapt to seat a family with a wheelchair. Other Grounds are able to do this, Chealsea, Arsenal, Stoke, Sunderland, Newcastle, Stockport, MK Dons. If those seats are taken then thats fine, but presently there is no opportunity for that to take place. And that is the point. If as a disabled person i wait for a bus and the bus comes and its full, including the disabled seat i wait for the next avalaible opportunity. At Old Trafford, you do not have that opportunity. If they address the lack of Disabled Capacity, many of the discriminatory Policys like not selling season tickets, and banning fans for not attending (regular seated members dont get this by the way) can be brought to an end. We dont want special treatment. Just the opportunity others have. How many disbled seats in the Family Stand for Example Ill give you a clue, 4-4 = (you guessed it zero). Thanks for your comments. Wish you and your family well.


  10. I have been a County fan since Nov ’75 when I was 3 & now have the pleasure of working there alongside 2 of my children. It was lovely to be part of your day Martin & hope to see you all again soon.

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    • Thanks for been a part of it. Was a pleasure to meet you and your daughter. Ethan told his class mates all about county today and zac told his teacher yesterday. Thanks again.


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